Solo Sessions EP

by Drew McCann

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released February 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Drew McCann Hawthorne, New York

I'm a local musician from Westchester county. I play bass in a band called Dogluk. Currently living in Boston writing and recording music.

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Track Name: Fifteen Hundred Miles
fifteen hundred miles away from me
fifteen hundred chances i'll never get the chance to see
baby i know i'm just an old fool
but there ain't nothin' in this world that could ever compare to you

so light another cigarette
breathe in deep
and try to get some rest

i've got canvas in my bedroom
but all my paintings are on the walls
except for the one i did for you
sometime last fall
sat in the corner for nearly a year
until i finally got around to facing all my fears

remember when i found you lying on the floor
crying your eyes out and bleeding even more
i picked you up and i held you near
wishing i could take away the pain of all the years
Track Name: James Deen (Jack Butler cover)
daddy i've found the tracks that you've covered up
cigarettes and your double scuffed
but who cares, who cares, who cares

maybe one day i'll hear your voice in mine
we can just talk if you have the time
but who cares, who cares, who cares

maybe one day i'll grab some pills and sell
you can come alone bail me out of jail
but who cares, who cares, who cares

maybe one day you'll get a drink with me
and we can talk about the economy
but who cares, who cares, who cares

my last pack is going strong
but i will quit when i find someone
who cares, who cares, who cares
Track Name: A Shane on my Mind
boots of black leather
cigarette in your hand
the time we shared
no god could understand

we sat on the sidewalk
with whiskey on our grins
we sat on that sidewalk
we indulged in all our sins

no need for that stop sign
think i'll drive right by
what a daze of a night
now a Shane on my mind

so lace up them boots
enjoy your smoke
ya got a ride to catch
i'll see ya down the road
Track Name: Shoe Shine
friday night came then he went
had a few drinks and a single shot of gin
by the time saturday came around
he didn't know his own name

sunday morning ate his breakfast with god
but all the little boys on the streets yes they did starve
but hey
the big man in blue
well he didn't care for his shoe shine

you can find it sad
or you can have a laugh
at the taxi drivers making bets
on which ladies they can bag
me i just like to watch
them play their games

so i'll pick the dirt
from underneath my nails
and hope one day i'm not making a call
to my mother to post my bail
but for now
i'll play another hand of cards
Track Name: Waynesboro Thrift Shop (Shane Howe cover)
sunday cigarette morning
we spent out on the porch
we talked about all the fucked up things we did
the two nights before
and you were still drunk
don't remember much these days
but since i've been sober
the memories tend to stay

you joined me for the rest f my day
you made me stay in my bed
and we he finally gave you a ride home
i found you crawled in my head
i never asked you to stay
but you had nowhere to go
i guess i picked the wrong girl
i know he loves you the most

so when i finally laid my head down that night
i didnt get much sleep
my weary eyes just wouldn't seem to shut
and my chest it sank so deep
i didnt know that you had stayed
but i still laid with your scent
on my pillow
and your impressions in my sheets